Fasnacht zu Basel
29 May 2014

Another somewhat going on project is my photographic documentation of the Fasnacht zu Basel, as I already did in 2012. Now, there's some new photos from 2014 online.

» Fasnacht zu Basel (2012)
» Fasnacht zu Basel (2014)

An der Wiese
16 March 2014

I published a new project in two parts called An der Wiese. It is more of an experiment than a finished project and deals with my current endeavour to explore and discover the beauty of nature. It is also a playful analysis of alternative photographic techniques, namely pinhole cameras.

» An der Wiese I
» An der Wiese II

05 November 2013

I published a new project called Carspotting that deals with privacy and public in a way, amongst other topics. And streetlamps from Germany, France and Austria that you will have to discover as they are not the newest published.

» Carspotting
» Souvenirs

17 October 2013

I've added a lot of new souvenirs from all over the globe: Austria, Germany and - a new continent in my collection - Morocco.

» Link

16 March 2013

Added some new Souvenirs from Austria and France.

» Link

24 August 2012

Added some new Souvenirs from Spain.

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